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Vanilla Strawberry Jam


I’m amazed at how easy making jam was, and also how much better it tastes.

Strawberries were on sale, and I decided to see if I could make jam, and if it would really be better.

Well… I can, and oh my goodness is it better. There is a secret you see, butter. Yes butter, unsalted real butter. I found this out from The Pioneer Woman. I can’t comment on if it really cuts down on the foam. It adds a richness though, a mouthfeel that leaves regular jam tasting flat.

I smashed my fruit in the pot. I figured if I didn’t get it broken up enough there was always the stick blender. I had enough strawberry to make 2 batches using Ball Real Fruit Pectin the low sugar variety. I seeded 2 vanilla beans, and let the pods cook in the jelly. Removing them before canning.

This was a small experimental batch, and l will be on the lookout for strawberries on sale for sure. It’s so good a jar could be gone in a day.