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Drip Irrigation


We knew when the beds were put in that drip irrigation was ultimately where we wanted to end up. Here in central Texas we are still in a drought, and while currently not under water restrictions, I’ve tried to act like we were to see if I could garden in a drought.

The thing is there are so many options with drip irrigation. Too many. I needed a starter kit, something to be able to look at and go from there. Alas, I could not justify the $60 price tag at my usual big box garden store. Amazon was sold out on the kit I liked there. I wanted to get the irrigation in place for my fall garden. Knowing this is my learning curve for spring garden 2.0.

Well, google led me to Raised bed irrigation which then led to DIG corp drip irrigation kit. Available at Home Depot for 1/3 the cost of a different brand starter kit at another garden retailer ( I’m not advocating a certain store, or a certain brand drip irrigation. I will say that the Home Depot mobile site does tell you what aisle to look in).

It was not only simple to set up, it had a great guide included. And at about $20 I figured it would at least be a good start.

We did a central line the width of the box with the drip line running the length.


I like this way because I can change the length lines to solid tubing with emitters for things like tomatoes when I can only get 2 per length of the bed, or squash. While I can put in different for carrots, radishes, or parsnips.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get my fall garden plants in.


Garden update


I have been completely slacking on updating what is been going on with my garden boxes. As you can see from the picture above they look a lot different than last time I updated.

The bed that is now empty I am working on figuring out some form of irrigation for it in preparation for my fall garden.

My husband helped me build a PVC grid that he drilled small holes into in an attempt to form an irrigation system and also a marking system for the different sections. It works awesome for just being a grid. Sadly it sucks as irrigation because my boxes are not level. I think that grid is going to become a trellis.

Those are my tomato bushes that I was about to give in and rip out before I noticed that the entire top third of them are once again covered in fruit. There for a while the heat was so bad that they were flowering they weren’t setting properly. Now it’s back to me vs. the birds for tomatoes.


Also along the lines of being lazy that is a baby cantaloupe. I picked up the cantaloupe plant on a whim one day at the nursery and forgot to plant it for about a week and ended up sticking in a large pot and setting it off to the side of the garden and forgetting about it. Apparently it was getting enough water to give me one baby cantaloupe.

Right now I am in the process of getting ready to start planting the empty box for my fall garden. November 20 is the average first frost date for where I live. That gives me about 90 days to start for plants that are frost tolerant, or about a month of plants that have about a 60 day plant to harvest time. If I cover when it gets cold, I might have tomatoes for a good while longer!