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Theoretically, I should have taken a before photo. Then again you can tell from the photos that it needed to be updated.

We found the barrel at Home Depot while picking up yet more tomato and pepper plants (more on this insanity later). I of course had to have it. Immediately thinking of that ugly gas meter, I used a hummingbird bush and a lovely trailing purple ground cover.


My husband I and I dug out the grass to make a planter bed for cannas I had purchased a few weeks ago, the elephant ear a co-worker gave me, and 2 asiatic lilies that were on clearance at Lowe’s (mine had tons of annuals, and even perennials that were marked way down because they were not blooming at the time). The lilies are guinea pigs! If they make it super awesome, if not oh well I paid $5 for the pair.


Finally a chile petin that will hopefully used when canning season comes to make some hot salsa that my husband will have to taste test (hopefully using all the tomatoes and peppers I planted). Finally, a Meyer lemon found at HEB that I just HAD to have. Hopefully it give me fruit. I chose to put in a container so I can hopefully save it in the winter from freezing.