Why 1k Sqft.

Welcome to 1k Sqft. I chose this name because my husband and & I purchased our first home which is a little over 1,000 square feet in living area. The first reaction that we get is that we have an extremely small house. With this blog I want to show people that small doesn’t mean bad.

For a long time the idea was bigger is better and honestly I never really thought that that was the way to go. As a first-time homeowner (and by first-time homeowner I mean this is the first time I’ve lived in anything that was not on blocks like a mobile home or an apartment), I want to show other people that size doesn’t really matter it’s what you make of what you have.

I hope that by posting this blog that other people can see that a small house with a decent size yard can provide a lot of more than I thought it could.

So welcome to life in 1000 ft.².

  1. Hey there,

    I’m Kevin from the Square Foot Gardening Foundation – great to see your project! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. We’d also love to see pictures of the garden when it’s in full production mode, so shoot me an email anytime – good luck and happy gardening!

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