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Birds vs. tomatoes

I can overlook a lot of minor pest issues in my garden. In fact I’ve been dealing with a prominent fire ant situation that I can’t seem to do anything about.


But I about had a conniption fit when I walked out to check on my garden on Monday evening and noticed the carnage caused by the mockingbirds. What you see there is the remnants of my tomatoes that I picked off the ground in the garden beds. Apparently the mockingbirds had decided that my tomatoes would be a nice treat in addition to their regular diet of birdseed.

They actually entirely ate some of the cherry tomatoes, but what broke my heart was the random poking and destruction of my large salad tomato that was destined to become a BLT. So I put netting over all of my tomato plants.

It’s not very fine netting, they can still poke through it. It does however severely limit the number and location of the tomatoes that they have access to.


If you look off to the right of that pictures you can sort of see some of it; I would say that that open spaces are probably quarter inch by quarter inch it’s still pretty open netting.

But you know what? It works!


Garden update 6-4


First the bad news my sugar snaps did not make it. We had some storms a little while ago that had high winds. The sugar snap trellis that I made had become so top-heavy with the sugar snaps growing up it that it was knocked over enough times to pull their roots up enough to destroy the plants. It’s early enough in that year that I am going to replant them, but first I’m going to figure out a better trellis.


My tomato plants are doing wonderful the plum and cherry tomatoes are so abundant right now that I can’t eat them all. My coworkers love them.


In front is my regular tomato bush which is slower than the others but it’s still producing fruit. The incredibly large thing behind it is my dill plant which I’m allowing to go to seed. I am doing this so that next year I will have dill seeds to plant, and I will also have fresh dill seed to continue making pickles over the summer.

Other than that I’ve just been watering my garden on a regular basis because of the heat, I’ve also been adding compost tea and fertilizer. This weekend I’m going to go and add more mulch because a lot of what I had originally put down has broken down enough that it’s no longer serving the purpose of mulch.

My cucumber and squash plants are moving kind of slow right now. I think I planted them late, and the lack of mulch is slowing them down.