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Garden update 4-24

The garden is still fairly calm. but I’m about to be able to take my first pepper of the year!


That is a sweet banana pepper, I’m probably not going to be able to pickle it like I well whenever I have a larger batch of them.

So far my plum tomato bush is the most shocking of all of them in the sheer number of tomatoes I’m about to have.


It’s okay I can make salsa I got jalape├▒os. Yes, for some unknown reason my jalapeno plant likes to have black stripes. I’m not sure what’s causing this but I’m not worried about it the jalapenos are still firm and the discoloration doesn’t seem to be impacting them at all.

And finally I have to show you the wonder that is my cabbage


Keep in mind that the
Markers that you see around it are 1 ft.┬▓, it was not smart to plant it in the center of the garden.

Also as you notice my rosemary has died. I have a few ideas of why this happened but I don’t know for certain. I haven’t been able to get a picture of them because I have not had my phone out in the garden with me whenever I see them, but for some strange reason we have a proliferation of odd looking mushrooms I like to come up in my garden. They were coming up at the base of the rosemary quite a bit and I think that that contributed to the plants demise.


Garden update 4-17


Ladybugs! The local nursery sells them, while I doubt I have a major need for them, but they are fun to watch infest the garden. I put them out back on the raised beds and also out front on the roses.

Garden wise my plum tomato is going crazy. Almost a dozen green tomatoes. The other tomatoes have a few tomatoes each.


Where’s Waldo for tomatoes.


The sweet peppers just sort of popped in over night it seems.

I dropped the amount of water I was using in the garden and this seemed to help out quite a bit on greening up some of the yellow plants. I’m so used to clay, it’s hard to tell when real dirt is moist.



One thing that we learned very early after purchasing our house is that when someone else has made it home you find interesting situations in the yard to deal with. Honestly, when we were looking at the house I wasn’t that concerned with the yard and the plants that were already here. I was more concerned about how we were going to make this house our home.

As time went on and we were more settled inside our home, I began to look at what we had outside. While there hadn’t been a lot that was done to the yard one thing that really struck me is why is there a cactus next to a rosebush? I mean, honestly, really who does that?!

Now I wish I had taken pictures of what the roses looked like last year and all through the winter. Sad would be a massive understatement. The rose bush was very lanky, long stemmed and quite bad looking. Once things started to warm up again in the spring I came to a definite decision regarding the rose bushes fate. Either it was going to behave in a manner appropriate and proper for a rosebush or it was going to be replaced.

I can not stress this enough , what I did to the rose bush is not advisable without knowing what kind of rose you have, unless you were at the point that I was which is as follows; I will have a decent looking rosebush or I will replace it. What did I do you ask? I randomly took my hedge trimmers and obliterated half of the rosebush. Yes, I viciously trimmed a rose that I had no idea of what it was, when it would bloom, or it’s pruning requirements.

Buy some freshman gardening miracle my rosebush which now I see is two separate rose varieties wanted and needed a drastic trimming.

At this point you are probably looking at the picture saying, hey that looks awesome. Yes it does look awesome, but understand I was to the point that it was either going to behave and be a gorgeous rosebush, or I was going to mercilessly dig it up and replace it with another succulent. Also, don’t ask why a rose and a cactus are coexisting so happily together. I have no freaking clue.

Ohhh baby tomatoes!

I finally reached the point in the season where there isn’t a lot to do in the garden except water and inspect. Call inspecting over the weekend I noticed that I have my first baby tomatoes!

Yes one of them is already split and I’m blaming this on the fact that my garden soil is not holding a constant supply of moisture.

Since I have birdfeeders in my backyard I decided to go ahead and follow advice that I had found a while looking up tomato plants on the Internet, to add red Christmas ornament before my tomatoes turn red.

I had little disco ball Christmas tree ornaments and I thought that they looked cute so I added those as well. I also added eggshells around the bottom of the tomato plants maybe discourage some climbing pests from being as attracted to them as they seem to be.

My peppers both the jalapeno and sweet peppers are showing signs of having small buds that will develop into peppers on them as well.


Everything else is doing wonderfully I switched to turning the sprinkler on for about 20 minutes in the evening to try and see if that will help desk for some of the heat damage, and to try and stop tomato splitting.

That’s my cabbage plant it has taken off, I’m not sure however if I am going to get a head of cabbage before it gets too hot and it bolts.

I’ll leave you with a shot of the backyard. This is what I get to come home to and sit out and enjoy in the evenings


Gardening update 4/1

It’s been a pretty busy week I was out of town for about 2 1/2 days, came home and tried to cram a bunch into what felt like an incredibly short weekend.

The garden boxes are doing okay and as the temperatures have raised, we had mid 80s here most of the week, I began to notice that they weren’t holding moisture as well as I needed them to.

I ended up buying a garden soil amendment that is basically peat moss, fertilizer, manure combo and sort of went through and top dressed the beds the best I could


This resulted in some of the squares being a lower elevation because of the seedlings in them. I then mulched over the dressing. I’m not sure if this is going to hurt or help. I guess we will see.

I also removed some concrete pavers that were buried in the yard. I used soil I removed from the garden boxes and some of the moisture control amendment to fill in the area. The plan is to attempt to plant grass seed there.


The last major project this weekend for me was getting the morning glories, and moon flowers planted.


I’m hoping in a few days that my tomato plants start to look better than this